Monday, March 15, 2010

We are Donating Our New Peace Sign Soaps!!!

14 year old Quinn Kelley, Owner of Chicken Hill Farm Handmade Soap - GOOD CLEAN FUN!!!   (She’s saving for Veterinary College) is proud to donate peace sign soap for the gift bags for “Ear of the Heart”. Quinn's connection to “Hair” is through her uncle Walter Michael Harris who was the youngest cast member of the original Broadway cast in 1968! He was 16 and sang (with Ronald Dyson) “What A Piece of Work Is Man” on the soundtrack.
Ronnie Dyson  Walter Harris

"Ear Of The Heart":  the music of Galt MacDermot is a feature-length documentary currently in post production about the iconic and prolific composer of the musical Hair, Galt MacDermot. Beloved by Broadway and Hip-Hop fans alike, this film follows Galt’s music career and reveals the depth and spirituality of his unforgettable body of work.